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[Info] Update Notice - 20 & 27 November 2017

on Mon Nov 20, 2017 2:28 pm
New Instance - Infinite Space

Mechanic's skill FAW - Silver Sniper buffed. (it's useful now! try it out!)

Patch, 27 November 2017 :

New Instance - Charleston Crisis

Mechanic Changes :

- Now normal attacks ignore the delay after skills.
- Traps now invisible in versus maps (GVG/PVP/BG)
- Switching of weapons now cancel songs (For Bard/Dancer)
- Guild Skill Emergency Call, now can be used anywhere anytime, even outside woe/gvg
- Guild Passive Auras now active anytime, even outside woe/gvg

Work in progress update : Ranger can use warg and falcon at the same time. (somehow can't get it to work)

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