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[Info] Update Notice - 13 November 2017

on Mon Nov 13, 2017 2:59 pm
Gameplay changes

- Aftercast Delay Normalized to default International standard, 100% value (previously 60%)
- Fix Rebellion issue with grenade launcher.
- Added more player commands :
    All Player : @changegm (transfer guild leader status)
    Premium Player : @me @pettalk @homtalk (gimmick for fun commands)
- All hourly automated events now use Poring Coin, which can be traded at prontera 153,232

Item Script Changes

- Kiel card effect normalized, -30% aftercast delay (previously -50%)
- Beginner Hat drop rate effect now the same with the description (5% increase)
   Note: Huahom is better now.

Cash Shop Changes

- Remove custom item "Cincin Akik Ijo" from cash shop
  No more paid insta cast, guys. Deal with it.

Don't forget to patch your game every maintenance to avoid client errors.

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