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[Info] Update Notice - 06 November 2017

on Mon Nov 06, 2017 1:35 pm
You can see monster's hp now.

War Of Emperium
Everytime you defended a castle, you'll get Recruit Siege Supply Box, which now contains BdgRO Ticket and BdgRO Coin 4.

New WoE schedule :
Sunday Morning War, Gondul, 9:00AM - 2 hours war

It could be fun messing around on Sunday morning, isn't it?

PVP Arena :

- Reduce double Bounty Point gained
- Now you can get 1 cash point every kill (only for people who already have cash point).
- Increase God Items price. (We forgot to do it in the previous maintenance)
- Reduce Brynhild [1] HP Increase, now 50 x base lvl, previously 100.
- Bounty Point Farming is allowed, as long as you're not dual login.

Refine NPC Aldebaran
- added Sound Amplifier[1]

Old Glast Heim Temporal Enchant
- Remove LUK enchant (it's fuckin useless, no one will get it unless they're misclick)
- added 3 new enchants
  - Sharp (Increase Critical chance, and hit)
  - Heal (Increase Heal efficiency, but increase sp consumton)
  - Fatal (Increase Critical damage and chance)

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