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[Info] Update Notice - 30 October 2017

on Mon Oct 30, 2017 2:38 pm
Weekly maintenance is done!
But first of all...

Don't forget to patch your game every maintenance to avoid client errors.

PVP Arena
- Change prontera pvp map with "Grand Colosseum"
- Brynhild buffed, +hp increase base level x 100 (previously x 20), and now slotted.
- Sleipnir now slotted
- Asprika, now affects all kinds of attack.
Future update : God item set combo

WOE Super Novice deactivated
Because it barely have enough people every tuesday and friday, so we turn it off for now. Will open again after we have more interesting idea.
If you have any interesting idea, please let us know.

Added new Special Job Hats to Cash Shop :
   Ascendant Crown [1]
   Autumn Headband [1]
   Black Ribbon [1]
   Divine Guard Hat [1]
   Inconspicuous Hat [1]
   Lyrica Hat [1]
   Sea Captain Hat [1]
   Shrine Maiden Hat [1]
   Sorc Night Cap [1]
   Plain Black Mage Hat [1]
   Night Sparrow Hat [1]

Script Change
Readjust Folly combo script, Maize combo script, and Oni horns[1] script

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