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[Info] Update Notice - 23 October 2017

on Mon Oct 23, 2017 2:47 pm
Weekly maintenance is done!
But first of all...

Don't forget to patch your game every maintenance to avoid client errors.

Update spotlight : More Colors, more sprite!

Stylist upgraded - we add more color choices to cloth

New 3rd Job Alternate Costume
Unfortunately, RK's sprite is not implemented yet.
You can get it freely at NPC 3rd Job Cloth Changer (prontera, near Gym Pass Cabus)

Balancing Update :

- Folly Iris Set combo script restat : Now it works as it first intended, so hitter will get more benefit using it.
- Temporal Boots 3rd Enchant buffed (Lucky Day, Bear's Power, Hawk Eye, Muscle Fool, Runaway Magic, and Speed of Light) will proc twice as much, also change the fancy effects.
     - as for Lucky Day, you'll have a chance to get treasure box when you're in Lucky Day's buff.

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