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[Info] Update Notice - 25 Septermber 2017

on Mon Sep 25, 2017 3:27 pm

Hello bRO!

This is our newest update!

Update Highlight :

Hunting Quest NPC - Enchantable Costume - Mid Prontera 139,224

Her name is Cassandra, she always need help in her hunting endeavor.
Here you can get hunting point, which can be used to purchase Costume!

And you know what? The costume you get from her can be enchanted!
Located not far from Cassandra...

Introducing Joey, Louie, and Muppet, they can help you get the enchant you need, with the cost Enchant Ticket you can buy from Cassandra.
List of enchant :
- Fighting Spirit (increase weapon atk)

- Expert Archer (increase percentage ranged attack)

- Spell (increase matk and reduce casting time)

- Vitality (increase percentage hp)

- Attack speed (increase aspd_

- Sharp (increase critical and hit)

- Heal (increase Heal effect)

- Fatal (increase critical damage)

Each enchants can be upgraded 4 times to reach their maximum potential, and you can also get random for your costume's 3rd slot, 5% reduc demihuman or 5% neutral resistance, on the 5th enchant.
Enough said. Let's hunt!

Other Changes :

- Backslide Skill activated in WoE

- Star Gladiator can reach lv 175 (max stats still 99)

- Doram accessories upgrade currently available at NPC Quest Shop

Kingdom of Heaven is within!
Free your mind and your ass will follow!
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