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on Sat Sep 23, 2017 2:25 am
Hello bRO!

Here is the list of current running custom Quests & NPC exclusive only in Bandung Ragnarok!

*Detail will be updated soon*

All player : @go @iteminfo @mobinfo @autoloot @alootid @changegm
Premium player : @jump @homtalk @pettalk

All In One Trader (Prontera)
You can get almost all of the basic and advance needs here.

Warper (Prontera)
Warp anywhere, Towns, Dungeons, Instances

Healer (Prontera)
Heal and paid Buffs for all players

Premium Buffer (Prontera)
Free Buff features for premium member

Identifier (Prontera)
Identify all of your items with a single click

Repairman (Prontera)
Repair all of your broken equipments with a single click

Job Master (Prontera)
Change your job here

Reset Girl (Prontera)
Reset skills and stats

Universal Rental NPC (Prontera)
Rent Mount, Falcon/Warg, Cart, and Madogear.

Disguise Event (Prontera)
Hourly Event with exchangeable poring coin as a reward

In-Game CP (Prontera)
Change gender, and check

Arena Master (Prontera)

Quest Shop (Prontera)
Headgears and items quest

Third Job Item Giver (Prontera)
Free hats for third jobs.

Refine Challenge (Aldebaran)
Exchange the refined gears with refine points

Wise Old Woman (Morroc)
Uncard NPC

Hunting NPC (Prontera)
Hunting Boss monster for points which can be exchanged with Enchantable Costume (Non-premium equals of donation costume)

NPC Enchanter (Prontera)
Enchant your costume from Hunting NPC  here.

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